100% Student employment programme and scarce skills surge

Information technology and Electrical Engineering lead the change.

In the bustling economic landscape of South Africa, marked by low growth and political turbulency, a delicate dance unfolds between supply and demand, shaping the parameters of its workforce.

At the heart of this interplay are scarce skills, those sought-after talents that command attention and drive progress. Among them, Information Technology emerges as a beacon of innovation, while the demand for Electrical Engineering is on the rise, driven by the green transition in the energy and the Geo-Political sectors. Yet, amid these challenges, initiatives like the Berea Group of Colleges’ 100% Graduate Employment Programme offer a glimmer of hope, striving to bridge the gap in unemployment.

Demand for IT specialists.

In the digital age, Information Technology reigns supreme as a scarce skill essential for navigating the complexities of modern society. From coding and crafting difficult algorithms to cybersecurity experts safeguarding digital fortresses, the demand for IT proficiency has been one of the few positives in South Africa`s career choices for students, with many showing little growth to expand.

In South Africa, this demand is particularly pronounced as businesses seek to use technology to gain a competitive edge and streamline operations with that of international counterparts. In South Africa, the demand for IT skills is at an all-time high, touching every corner of society and industry that needs the skills of IT technicians to keep up with the global digital era. Whether it is big companies or small businesses, everyone needs tech experts to navigate the digital world. Take software developers, for example.

They are like digital architects, building apps and software that we use every day. And then there are cybersecurity experts, the protectors of our digital lives. They keep our data safe from hackers and cyber threats.

Regrettably, there is a shortage of skilled IT professionals in South Africa, and this is due to several factors. These include limitations in IT education and training and a lack of awareness about tech careers. As a result, businesses often struggle to find qualified candidates and may have to resort to hiring internationally, exceeding local hiring quotas. For example, a News24 report titled: Govt wants to send a ‘strong message – 90% of Huawei SA’s staff are foreigners (12 February 2022).


The report added that Huawei South Africa employs a sizable portion of its workforce from China to fill these gaps. At the heart of this demand lies multi-dimensional roles, each requiring specialised skills and knowledge.

Electrical engineering sparks green energy transition

Concurrently with Information Technology, the energy sector has undergone a profound transformation driven by the imperative of sustainability. With the threat of climate change looming large, the push towards renewable energy sources has gained momentum, placing Electrical Engineering at the forefront of the green energy transition global phenomenon.

From designing efficient solar panels to optimising wind turbine performance, the expertise of Electrical Engineers is instrumental in shaping a greener future for South Africa and the world at large. Yet, the demand for these specialised skills surpasses the available talent pool, posing a challenge that must be addressed to realise the full potential of sustainable energy initiatives.

Students empowered for employment

Berea Group of Colleges is committed to nurturing the next generation of professionals, recognising the urgent need to bridge the gap between education and employment. The Berea Group of Colleges 100% Graduate Programme stands as a testament to its commitment to empowering South Africa’s youth. It is the first of its kind by any educational institution. Through a comprehensive approach that combines rigorous academic training with practical skills development and industry exposure, the programme empowers graduates with the requisite skills they will need to thrive in today‚Äôs competitive job market.

Employment Stats

At the heart of the Berea Group of Colleges’ approach is a deep understanding of the evolving needs of the labour market. By aligning its curriculum with industry demands, and cultivating partnerships with leading companies, the college ensures its graduates are not only academically empowered but also well-equipped to meet the challenges of the real world. From internships and apprenticeships to mentorship programmes and career counselling services, Berea Group of Colleges supports its students’ journey from the classroom to the boardroom.

Berea Group of Colleges consists of a 26-year-legacy brand, Berea Technical College offering a myriad of Engineering qualifications. From Electrical Engineering to Mechanical, Civil and Chemical. Berea College of Technology, the higher education arm of the group offers a range of Occupational certificates in Cyber Security Analyst, Artificial Intelligence Software Developer, Computer Technician and more. Visit www.bereagroup.co.za and explore more.

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