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Welcome to the only institution with a 100% Guaranteed Employment pledge. Students who study with us have many opportunities to enter the job market, as all our qualifications are designed for job-readiness. The college’s Cooperative Department assists students with Work Integrated Training (WIL) and works with the Faculty HODs to ensure that students who meet the required criteria are employed. To qualify for the 100% Graduate Employment Programme graduates are required to meet the following requirements:


Why the 100% Graduate Employment Programme is so popular!

The need for an industry-groomed student is necessary so our students get first preference when companies are recruiting. It helps build positive relationships with students and parents whose main goal is gaining a qualification that is not just good on paper, but can actually get you a job. This also meets the needs of the SA economy, where practical work-based qualifications are in demand, as government is placing more emphasis on employment.

100% Graduate Employment Programme Roadmap

First year students, who enter the college as new students and want to be clear about the roadmap to their final qualification and the support from the college on in-service training or Work Integrated Leaning. Students are groomed for the workplace with workshops and WIL (Work Integrated Learning) is included in the course itself. In this way the institution is deliberate about linking its qualifications to real work experience.

Second year students, have spent a year at the college and have been part of the 100% Graduate Employment programme. They are our brand ambassadors.

Exit level students, who have completed their qualification and are entering the job market.

Industry and Government are engaged in the beginning of the final year to select suitable students to groom and involve these students in corporate activities to sustain a mutually beneficial relationship. We also invite key industries who network with students and identify talent.

The following process is followed.

Graduates must make an application at the College Corporate Education Unit together with the necessary documents. The College Unit will take all the necessary steps to find employment for the graduate who has registered at the Unit.
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