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Why Choose the Diploma Programme?

This course focuses on the general principles of psychology and children’s physical, emotional and intellectual development and human behaviour in the workplace. It is the study of human behaviour and experience and the ways in which individuals relate to each other and their environment. The skills and competencies gained give an understanding of group dynamics and the management of organisational development and change through psychological principles.

In the human growth and organisational mix, General Developmental and Industrial Psychology meet to reveal the interplay between individual evolution and that of the workplace.

Course Information

You may enter the Diploma Programme, with any one of the following:
  • Grade 12 or equivalent

Upon successful completion of this programme, learners will receive a Diploma: Psychology: General Development and Industrial issued by the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO).

  • Counselling Services – Pay Estimate: +/- R12 500 to R a year
  • Development Psychology – Pay Estimate: +/- R205 000 to R263 999 a year
  • Industrial Psychology – Pay Estimate: +/- R285 000 to R318 000a year
1st Year 1st Semester Subjects Psychology at Work, Communication Skills, Computer Practice, Basic Psychology, Developmental Psychology 101
1st Year 2nd Semester Subjects Employee and Organisational Wellness, Intro to Basic Health Care and Counselling, Personality Theories, Employment Relations 102
2nd Year 1st Semester Subjects Personality in Work Context, Personnel and Career Psychology, Individual Differences and Work Performance, Adulthood and Maturity 201
2nd Year 2nd Semester Subjects Psychology in Society, Mental Health Encounters, Counselling Skills, Workforce Diversity 202
Contact a career consultant on campus or online, who will take you through the affordable Diploma in Psychology: General Developmental & Industrial pricing structure and explain our flexible payment options.

Customised study materials which meet the programme outcomes can be accessed from the Learner Management System, Moodle. A prescribed book list is available from the academic manager at the start of the programme, although the study guide available on Moodle will sufficiently cover the exam requirements.

Moodle is an online platform, where registered students receive their study materials and other online support material with zero data costs.
  • Explore engaging online content, crafted by subject matter experts.
  • Access to customised academic repository with assignments, videos and PowerPoint lessons.
  • 24-hour access.

Once you have achieved the Diploma in Psychology: General Developmental & Industrial professional training at BCT,  you may progress to other programmes offered by the college.

Refer to the SAQA fact sheet for more options to study further.

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