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“Critical thinking and curiosity are the keys to creativity.” Amala Akkineni

Faculty Overview

Welcome to the vibrant and innovative Faculty of Media and Creative Studies, where imagination meets intellect to forge the future of communication and artistic expression. Our faculty is a dynamic hub of creativity, embracing the ever-evolving landscape of media in all its forms. Here, we are dedicated to nurturing a community of forward-thinking scholars and practitioners who explore the intersection of media, culture, and creativity. From groundbreaking research initiatives to hands-on projects that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling, our faculty is a launchpad for students seeking to understand, shape, and revolutionise the way we connect and communicate in the modern world. With a commitment to fostering critical thinking, technical proficiency, and a deep appreciation for the arts, the Faculty of Media and Creative Studies is not just an academic institution; it’s a catalyst for the next generation of media visionaries and creative trailblazers.


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