Propelling the Future of Just and Fossil Energy Efficiency.

Why Choose the National N Diploma in Electrical Engineering Programme?

A qualified Electrical Engineer in Heavy Current will be responsible for the designing and planning of different energy sources to feed into electricity grids, which in turn is used for a variety of different uses where electricity is required. A veteran engineer may become a specialist in a certain area or can work across different industries. Investigating different energy sources, problem solving and being able to manage a team of heavy current technicians are part of the roles and responsibilities of this job.

With the energy crisis in South Africa and with coal being a non-renewal energy source, there is a dire need for electrical engineers to come up with innovative ideas to create electricity.

Course Information

You may enter the National N Diploma programme, with any one of the following:


  • N3 Certificate, or
  • A National Senior Certificate with 40% in Mathematics and Physical Science

Learners will receive the following

  • National Certificate N4, N5, N6
  • National N Diploma in Electrical Engineering on completion of N4-N6 (12 subjects) and 24-months of in-service training.

The National N Diploma includes two (2) years of theory and 24-months of in-service training.

All examinations are set and administered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The National N Diploma is issued by the DHET.

  • Electrical Engineer – Pay Estimate: +/- R250 000 to R1000 000 per year
  • Project Engineer – Pay Estimate: +/- R389 000 to R870 000 per year
  • Controls Engineer – Pay Estimate: +/- R260 000 to R570 000 per year
  • Electrical Designer – Pay Estimate: +/- R180 000 to R390 000 per year
National N4 Certificate: Modules Mathematics, Engineering Science, Electrotechnics, Industrial Electronics N4
National N5 Certificate: Modules Mathematics, Electrotechnics, Industrial Electronics, Power Machines N5
National N6 Certificate: Modules Mathematics, Electrotechnics, Industrial Electronics, Power Machines N6

Contact a career consultant on campus or online, who will take you through the affordable National N Diploma in Electrical Engineering pricing structure and explain our flexible payment options.

Customised study materials which meet the programme outcomes can be accessed from the Learner Management System, Moodle. A prescribed book list is available from the academic manager at the start of the programme, although the study guide available on Moodle will sufficiently cover the exam requirements.

Moodle is an online platform, where registered students receive their study materials and other online support material with zero data costs.
  • Explore engaging online content, crafted by subject matter experts.
  • Access to customised academic repository with assignments, videos, and PowerPoint lessons.
  • 4-hour access.

On successful completion, you will receive a National N Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current) and may further your studies at a University of Technology.

Refer to the SAQA fact sheet for more options to study further.

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