Step into the Vital World of Medical Secretary, A Crucial Role in Healthcare.

Why Choose the National N Diploma Programme?

In the healthcare sector, doctors, medical practitioners, and hospitals rely on skilled medical secretaries who bring a blend of secretarial expertise and knowledge of hospital administrative procedures. Proficiency in office technology, typing, and communication is a must. At Berea College of Technology, you can harness your talent and ambition, guiding you with expertise and experience to prepare you for a fulfilling career as a medical secretary.

Course Information

You may enter the programme, with any one of the following:
  • National Senior Certificate (NSC)/Grade 12
  • NCV Level 4 Certificate
  • ABET Level 4 Certificate

The National N Diploma is accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee [HEQC] of the Council on Higher Education [CHE] and is registered on the National Qualifications Framework [NQF] with the South African Qualifications Authority [SAQA].

Berea College of Technology (Pty) Ltd is registered as a Private Higher Education Institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), with registration number 2000/HE07/004.

On successful completion of the programme, the student will receive a National N Diploma conferred by the College Rector at the college’s official graduation ceremony.

  • Medical Secretary – Pay Estimate: +/- R100 000 to R180 000 a year
  • Medical Administrator – Pay Estimate: +/- R150 000 to R200 000 a year
  • Medical Aid Administrator – Pay Estimate: +/- R200 000 to R280 000 a year
  • Medical Practice Manager – Pay Estimate: +/- R170 000 to R240 000 a year
  • Front Office Manager – Pay Estimate: +/- R180 000 to R220 000 a year
National Introductory N4 Certificate Introductory Communication, Introductory Entrepreneurship, Introductory Personnel Management, Introductory Marketing N4
National N4 Certificate Office Practice, Information Processing, Medical Practice, Communication N4
National N5 Certificate Information Processing, Office Practice, Communication, Medical Practice N5
National N6 Certificate Information Processing, Office Practice, Communication, Medical Practice N6

Contact a career consultant on campus or online, who will take you through the affordable National N Diploma pricing structure and explain our flexible payment options.

Customised study materials which meet the programme outcomes can be accessed from the Learner Management System, Moodle. A prescribed book list is available from the academic manager at the start of the programme, although the study guide available on Moodle will sufficiently cover the exam requirements.

Moodle is an online platform, where registered students receive their study materials and other online support material with zero data costs.
  • Explore engaging online content, crafted by subject matter experts.
  • Access to customised academic repository with assignments, videos and PowerPoint lessons.
  • 24-hour access.

Once you have achieved the National N Diploma professional training, you can progress to other programmes offered by us or you can earn credits from public tertiary education institutions.

Refer to the SAQA fact sheet for more options to study further.

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