Making the Most of Your internship: Key for Success

Around 75% of college students engage in internships at some point during their academic journey _( These experiences are invaluable, offering opportunities to develop skills, expand networks, and potentially secure full-time employment. However, internships can also present challenges, especially for those new to professional environments. Listed below is advice from academics and professionals across various industries, to help interns excel and leave an impression.

Prioritise Punctuality: Start each day on time. Being punctual demonstrates reliability and respect for colleagues. Being punctual is more than just arriving at work on time, it reflects your commitment, professionalism, and respect for other`s time. Havard Professor John Coleman further explains that consistently arriving on time is a demonstration to your colleagues and supervisors that you can be relied upon. It shows your dedication to your role and your willingness to fulfil your responsibilities. Being punctual also sets a positive tone for the day.

When you arrive on time, you are better prepared to tackle tasks and engage with coworkers, contributing to a productive and efficient work environment.

Excel in every task: Approaching every task with enthusiasm and doing it to the best of your ability no matter how small it is, this is also important towards your personal and professional growth. When you dedicate yourself to each assignment wholeheartedly, you not only improve the quality of your work but also build a reputation as someone dependable and outstanding. Every task is an opportunity to display your dedication and talent. (

Take Initiative: Empower yourself, instead of waiting for tasks to come your way, actively pursue opportunities to make meaningful contributions and embrace additional responsibilities. By taking the initiative, you not only demonstrate your proactive approach but also display your readiness to step up and drive positive change. Remember, true leaders do not wait for instructions they create opportunities and lead by example, inspiring others to follow suit.

Demonstrate Resourcefulness: “Exhibit resourcefulness, explore all available avenues and work towards solving challenges” This was alluded to by eminent entrepreneur Vusi Thembekwayo in a masterclass held in Santon on 22 November 2023. He further elaborated on how doing so, extends beyond demonstrating initiative but also sharpens your critical thinking abilities, showing your ability to navigate obstacles with ingenuity and perseverance.

Ask Thoughtful Questions: This encourages meaningful dialogue by posing thoughtful inquiries during meetings and discussions. This not only highlights your curiosity but also underscores your commitment to preparation and active engagement. By asking insightful questions, you contribute to a deeper exploration of ideas and broader perspectives are valued.

Go beyond and above. Merely meeting expectations is not enough. Strive to exceed your internship, leaving an impression that could extend beyond the internship timeframe.

Berea Group of College’s 100% Graduate Programme ensures employment post-graduation. On fulfilling certain criteria, learners have an opportunity to be employed. Committed students seize this opportunity to pave the way for a bright and promising future ahead. Remember internships are not just about completing tasks, they are also about learning, growing, and building networks that can shape your career trajectory for years to come. So, make the most of every opportunity.

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